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What is Volkssport?

Introduction to Volkssporting

photoIf you are among the growing majority who believe that regular outdoor activity in congenial company can improve one's health, fitness and quality of life, then volkssporting is for you.

Volkssporters share your belief and enjoy walking as members of a volkssport club. We also believe that the physical activity and social contact available through volkssporting is a significant beneficial part of our lives. To us, and millions of others world-wide, volkssporting affords opportunities for adventure in active living, healthy recreation, fellowship and fun.  Garden City Wanderers is proud to be  a member of the international volkssporting community.

Literally, "Volkssporting" translates as "people’s sports". It all began 50 years ago in Europe where a need was recognized for healthy, organized, non-competitive activities, suitable for people of all ages. Efforts in several communities resulted in the development of local "volkssport" clubs, which sponsored events for walking, cycling, swimming and cross country skiing. The movement grew rapidly.


image273Now, across Canada,. throughout the United States, and in more than 50 countries around the world, unique opportunities are available for safe, healthy exercise without the stresses of speed and strain of endurance. A hallmark of volkssports is that all participants who successfully complete the event of their choice at their own pace, are recognized as "winners"!

GCW primarily hosts walking events which are by far the most popular activity among volkssport club members in Canada. GCW sponsors two types of walks: Permanent Trails, and Map Walks.

Permanent Trails.  These are permanent routes which are walked as a group several times per year. In addition, you can enjoy these walks on your own anytime throughout the year.

Map Walks.  Also referred to as Scheduled Events. We meet at a specified place and start time. Maps and directions are supplied for each participant. The group will start off together and then spread out as participants walk at their own pace.

The Volkssport Structure

Internationaler Volkssportverband - International Federation of Popular Sports (IVV)
IVV is the parent body of volkssporting. They coordinate volkssport events in over 50 countries around the globe. Events include walking, cycling, swimming, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.  Go to their website to learn about events and activities in all volkssporting countries.
cvfCanadian Volkssport Federation (CVF)
Formed in 1986, CVF now has nearly 40 member clubs plus three provincial organizations, and sponsors hundreds of events across the country each year. Go to their website to learn more about Canadian volkssport programs, clubs and events in other parts of Canada.
vabc logo
Volkssport Association of British Columbia (VABC)
VABC was formed in 1990 and is responsible for coordinating events put on by clubs in the province of British Columbia. They also sponsor over 30 Permanent Trails of their own. As of January 2017, VABC has 8 member clubs and affiliate members. Go to the VABC website to learn about clubs and walks in every part of British Columbia. 

Trail Ratings

All of our walks are rated with a number (which indicates the amount of hill climbing) followed by a number (which indicates the smoothness or roughness of the trail). This is to help walkers gauge the degree of difficulty of the walk. Here is a summary of the ratings.




Very little hill or stair climbing


Walk is almost entirely on pavement, probably suitable for baby strollers


Some moderate hill or stair climbing


A significant part of the walk takes place on well-groomed trails with very little more difficult terrain


Some significant hill or stair climbing


A significant part of the walk takes place on somewhat difficult terrain (rocky/rooted paths)


A good deal of significant hill or stair climbing


A significant part of the walk takes place on very difficult terrain


Many steep hills or high altitude trails


The majority of the walk takes place on very difficult terrain

                            Note:  Extreme weather conditions could raise the difficulty of the routes.

Achievement Awards

image 146A unique feature of volkssporting is the optional achievement award programs. This personal achievement program allows you to record the distance and number of events that you participate in. You may purchase
Event books and Distance books in which to record your volkssporting accomplishments.  These are available from all clubs at their regular events at a cost of $5 each.  The cost of these books includes the awards for which you are eligible at the completion of each book.
To receive recognition in Volkssport Canada and to receive your awards, completed books, along with your CVF passport, should be sent to
            Marion Boom
            CVF Awards Coordinator
            42 Billingham Crescent

            Ottawa  ON   K2K 2T7

Marion's email address is walking4fun2@gmail.com

 Every time you send Marion a completed book, you will receive a pin, patch, and certificate to recognize your achievement. The first time you send a completed book, you will receive a Canadian Volkssport Federation “Passport,” in which your achievement will be recorded.  This passport should be included for updating each time you send Marion a book.

Walking Programs

CVF has a number of Special Walking Programs which encourage you to explore some of the scenic wonders of Canada. Participants receive special pins and certificates to recognize their achievements. Full details can be found on the CVF website by clicking here. 

Summary of CVF Special Walking Programs 

Canada Cup of Walking Walk in 10 or 13 provinces and territories
Capital Cities Walk in 11 or 14 capital cities including the national capital
Lighthouses Specially designated walks which offer views of lighthouses
Winter Walking Any walk in Canada between October 15 and March 31
Trans Canada Trail Walk 20 events on a route that is part of the Trans Canada Trail, including two that  pass a Trans Canada Trail Pavilion
Murals Walk 20 events that pass a mural
Canada Walks A-ZWalk in 26 different places beginning with the letters A to Z
Bridges         Walk 20 events that go over or under a bridge
150 - 30 Program
Go for 30!
Natural Waterfalls

Winery, Cheesery, Brewery
These programs have now all ended

BC Programs

In addition, British Columbia (VABC) has two special programs. One challenges you to walk with every BC club, the other challenges you to complete every Permant Trail in British Columbia!  This is a significant challenge that could take several years but in so doing you will explore most of the corners of this beautiful province. Full details available on the VABC website by clicking here.


 Map Walks

  • Fees are $2 per walker

Permanent Trails

  • Fees are $2 per walker. 
  • PT discount cards may be purchased allowing 20 walks for $20. 

New Walkers

  • First 5 walks are free.


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Contact us at info@gardencitywanderers.ca Garden City Wanderers c/o 907 Richmond Ave Victoria BC V8S 3Z4, or 250-386-1279

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